Condition of use

  1. Every passanger uses this sports installation at his own risk, in suitable clothing and not under the influence of alkohol resp. drugs irresponsible behavior can cause serious injuries. Always brake in good time and at the end of the track approach the brake belt at walking speed.
  2. You have to control your speed in a way that neither you nor others are endangered. Keep at least 25 m behind the bob in front of you. Tailgating on other vehicles is strongly prohibited. In an rear-end collision the rider of the rear bob is liable for all consequences.
  3. In case of rainy or icy weather, the summer toboggan run is closed. When it starts raining, no more departures are allowed. The summer toboggan can cross-swing! Keep the safety distance of 50 m on the Alpine coaster. Attention: Extended braking distance!
  4. Please fasten your seat belt before departure and keep your seat belt fastened throughout the ride. Otherwise the Alpine coaster cannot be used.
  5. You must obeg the instrucions off the staff. Do not ride too slowly and stop only in an emergency.
  6. Face the direction of travel at all times never turn round, lie down or kneel. Observe all traffic signs and extremly concentrate on the next section of the track / at least 25 m/ in front of you.
  7. The taller person the driver always sits in the rear seat. Always keep both hands on the brake levers. Never touch the track! The driver must have a good and free sight on the track.
  8. Children more than 3 years are allowed to use this installation. Children under the age of 8 years are allowed to use the track only together with an older person who has been made familiar with the installation to use a twoo-seater bob and to whom full responsibility has beem transferred by the supervising personnel.
  9. You must follow the instrucions of the staff. Anyone not observing these conditions will be excluded from the installation immediately. With the payment or the purchase of a ticket you accept these conditions irrevocably. All claims for compensation are excluded.